Fool proofing Hiring and Progression

a. Hunting for the talent & Head Hunting
b. Psychometric Testing and Talent Analysis
c. Independent Assessment Centre for evaluating growth potential

Knowledge and skills assessment alone have been shown up to be inadequate in predicting success in roles / organizations. This is further aggravated by the fact that presence of knowledge / skills is no guarantee that they will be deployed as desired. Personal Interviews as a tool for Selection and internal sourcing, while being the most popular, promises much but often suffers on many counts. Research has established that an individualís values, motives, traits and other components have higher enduring influence on patterns of deployment of energies and behavior. Factoring these in decision making on selection, fitment and development planning thus makes sound business sense. Assessment tools developed by experts to profile aspects of personality provide a reliable basis for data generation about individuals and are time /cost effective! Olympus with a training to interpret results of these tests can be your effective tool. To bring in the best, of the talent around, to your organization, we bring to you, a website where you can search for the talent online or avail of our turnkey services, where, we forward you only the right people, after thorough screening. We wish you experience the economy, effect and convenience of recruiting through us.

Recruitment at Client Site

Recruitment at client site If you are a new setup which needs to hire people in bulk, you need not pay on per hire basis and also there is no need to hire a recruitment manager for a short ramp up periods, we place a trained recruitment specialist at your disposal to assist you on nominal fixed charges. We have been very useful in hiring front line staff during setup stages with Hindustan Levers, Colgate, Alembic, WWICS, Ind Swift and many other names. This also includes Site surveys, hiring of blue collared staff on client rolls/our own rolls for client use, antecedent verification etc.

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